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Naruto Chapter 420 Spoiler

English script:


Iruka runs to a I heavily injured ninja

However, he encounters Pein.

Pein: 'Tell me where the jinchuriki is. Otherwise you're dead.'

Iruka (He's from akatsuki...) I've no intention of telling someone like you.

Here a black pole is about to stab iruka when Kakashi interupts.

Kakashi: You're really going to town huh? Drawing everyones attention
so you can search every nook and cranny?

Kakashi tells the other ninjas to back off.

Kakashi fires up a chidori but for some reason it's dodged

Pein: "Hatake Kakashi.It's a pleasure to meet you. Where's the kyuubi?

Kakashi: That's a dumb question

Kakashi tries chidori again but is sent flying by an shocked wave.


Apparently sennin mode has a risk with it when naruto hears that (the
risk is that in order to do it you need to be completely still which
is impossible in battle)(but in order to remove the risk Fukasaku will
sit on his shoulder)

Back in Konoha

Shizune works out on what the black pole is

It's a chakra conductor (Detailed explanation skipped)

Then Ino's dad arrives at the brain?

At the same time, fat Pein fires a LASER from his head and causes a
huge explosion

Hinata, Shino, Kiba: !?

Chouji, Ino: !
Ino: what the hell's that?

Tsunade: (He finally came, huh?) Alert the emergency alarm. After that...
Call Naruto back

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