Rabu, 29 Oktober 2008

Naruto Manga Chapter 423 Spoiler

English Text

choujis dad compliments kakashi

kakashi explains pain’s ability saying that he can control gravity and they plan an attack.
somehow chouji and his father manage to get ahold of yahiko pain.

kakashi uses a raikiri to try to take down yahiko pain but 6 armed pain blocks it and seems to be killed.

everyone is like ‘wtf how can he still move?!?!’

kakashi thinking ‘please make it in time’ (reinforcements)

apparently naruto is going to be doing some sort of fusion (i guess this is refering to the fukasaku shoulder thing?)

goes back to konoha

pain ‘i know you are unable to move now’

kakashi ‘i guess it was too late’ (referring to reinforcements)

choji and all the konoha nin including kakashi have defeated.
apparently pain pwned them all

pain ‘i know you are not a bunshin, ill kill your for sure’

pain picks up a nail and points it at kakashi

kakashi ‘theres no way you can miss this close’ (being rude)

STAB sound.

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