Kamis, 16 Oktober 2008

Naruto Manga Chapter 421 Spoiler

English Text :

Tsunade quarrels with two elders.

Don’t call Naruto!

Tsunade: He is not a tool for a war. He is Shinobi to protect Konoha. So I call him back!

So be it. They talk like this.


Kakashi (This is not like shock wave…What’s this? Everything around him is blustered.) ”How’s this?”

Something like sander (lightning) dog jumps out of his hand but it is repelled.

Kakashi (What a guy!)

SFX, Su! Zun! (Something moves and land on the ground)

Kakashi: Another guy.

Tsunade again.

Tsunade: We should tell Fukasaku. Connection frog should call back Naruto and tell them that Pain has come.

Frog: Alright!

Tsunade: We protect village with full might! Let’s go!

Everyone goes out of the room.

Frog: Okay! I’m ready to go …

SFX, Ga!

Frog has crushed (There is no picture that frog is crushed but frog’s goggles flies.)

Danzou: We/I can block in 9 tail in this way.

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